Tooth Extraction

What is a Tooth Extraction?

Extractions involve completely removing one or more of your own natural teeth. The tooth may be decayed, loose or broken and cracked. It may pose a threat to your oral or dental health if it is left in place. Extractions are one of the most common dental procedures performed in-office, and we ensure that the procedure is as comfortable as possible.

Why are Tooth Extractions necessary?

Extractions can be done on both adult and pediatric patients. We do everything we can to save a tooth from extraction, but when other treatments have failed or are unavailable, an extraction is a viable option. Some reasons you’d need an extraction include:

  • A tooth is seriously decayed
  • A tooth is loose due to gum disease
  • A tooth has undergone severe trauma
  • A tooth is impacted (wisdom teeth)
  • A baby tooth is taking too long to fall out
  • You want to avoid the expense or inconvenience of other treatments
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Who Is A Candidate For A Tooth Extraction

Who is a candidate for a Tooth Extraction?

We can examine your teeth to determine if one or more extractions may be needed. It is not uncommon for patients to need extractions prior to having dentures fitted. This is especially true if you have severe gum disease. Extractions can be done for both adult and pediatric patients who require this type of treatment.

What can be expected during a Tooth Extraction?

The extraction process begins with anesthetic or sedative to relax and numb the area. The tooth is loosened and removed from the mouth. We may place sutures as needed to help close the gums and promote even, fast healing. The process is repeated if any other teeth need to be removed during your appointment. You can expect some tenderness, pain and swelling for the first day or two following surgery. The gums and area will begin to heal after the first couple of days and your oral health will benefit from the surgery being done.

If you think you need an extraction, call us today so that we can get you in as soon as possible.

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